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  • This was the week of Eric Cantor. Once we stopped pretending we knew what his defeat meant, we could focus on pretending we watch soccer year-round and could name even one person on Team USA.
  • Happy World Cup! Pour yourself a caipirinha and get familiar with the economics of the games, with a little financial football from experts including Jim O'Neill, Alisher Usmanov and Mervyn King.
  • Who has the right plan for making student loans more affordable, Barack Obama or Marco Rubio? The editors weighed in, while Megan McArdle said a little student loan debt never hurt anyone.
  • Sunni extremists seized Mosul, Iraq, and the editors said U.S. involvement would have to be more than diplomatic. When Obama spoke on the crisis, Stephen L. Carter pointed out what he didn't say. Meanwhile, the U.S. and Iran became frenemies.
  • Agree, or disagree?: Sprint should be allowed to buy scrappy underdog T-Mobile. The editors gave the deal the green light, while Susan Crawford said "No way."
  • So, where does Eric Cantor go from here? The editors said he should get to be a sore loser, and Albert R. Hunt advised bracing ourselves for some Republican infighting.