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Megan McArdle
Megan McArdle is a Bloomberg View columnist who writes on economics, business and public policy. She is the author of "The Up Side of Down." McArdle previously wrote for Newsweek-the Daily Beast, the Atlantic and the Economist. She founded the blog "Asymmetrical Information." She has a bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Chicago. She lives in Washington.
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Waging War on Hepatitis C

Instead of complaining about how much Sovaldi costs and trying to tamp down its use, why not use the drug to stage a war on hepatitis C? Read more

My Kitchen, 'Tis of Thee

Life without clean water, refrigerated storage, efficient stoves, a good dishwasher and lots of shelf space would be nasty, brutish and short. Read more

The FDA's Mad Medicine

A court in Alabama has ruled that Pfizer can be sued over harmful side effects caused by generic versions of its drugs. It's a classic case of outrageous regulatory incompetence.  Read more

More Bad News for Obamacare

Last Monday, Jed Graham of Investor’s Business Daily reported that insurers say Affordable Care Act enrollment is shrinking, and it is expected to shrink further. These numbers matter. Read more