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Megan McArdle
Megan McArdle is a Bloomberg View columnist who writes on economics, business and public policy. She is the author of "The Up Side of Down." McArdle previously wrote for Newsweek-the Daily Beast, the Atlantic and the Economist. She founded the blog "Asymmetrical Information." She has a bachelor's degree in English literature from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Chicago. She lives in Washington.
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It's Not About 'The Dress'

Maybe there’s no particular reason that millions of us wanted to spend our Thursday evening playing with a wedding-themed optical illusion, except that we all ended up doing just that. Read more

Gotcha Questions? We Deserve Answers

Conservatives have been outraged that "gotcha" questions are being asked of Scott Walker. Liberals have been outraged by the answers. Both are at least partially right. Read more

Insurers Left to Weigh Obamacare Risks

If the court rules against the government in King v. Burwell, this will have far-reaching implications for the insurance markets in the states that have those exchanges. Read more

Let Them Eat Peanuts

Our natural reaction (and our less natural overreaction) to the rise of allergies may be creating more of the very thing we are trying to fight. Read more

What Happens in Vegas Is Filmed in Vegas

Two things stand out to a libertarian visitor to Las Vegas: In some ways, it has the most liberty of any place in the U.S. -- and it also has the most developed surveillance state. Read more