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Jonathan Bernstein is a Bloomberg View columnist covering U.S. politics. A political scientist, he previously wrote "A Plain Blog About Politics." He is co-editor of "The Making of the Presidential Candidates 2012." Bernstein has also written for the Washington Post, Salon, the American Prospect, Washington Monthly and the New Republic. After receiving his doctorate at the University of California at Berkeley, he taught at the University of Texas at San Antonio and DePauw University before he began blogging. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.
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Christie Cleared on Bridgegate. Now What?

A nine-month federal investigation has apparently turned up no evidence that Chris Christie either directed or knew about the politically motivated closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge by his aides in September 2013. Read more

Roosevelt 2016 Isn't So Far-Fetched

The main reason to question whether FDR and TR would have been presidents in the 21st century isn’t whether they would have been excluded; it’s whether they could have survived all the extra competition from people who really were excluded back then. Read more