The weather outside looks delightful: perfect for the beach, boat or barbecue. Before you head off for some fun in the sun, check out our longer-form weekend reads:

  • Edward Snowden: The Untold Story (Wired)
  • Paul Graham on Money vs. Wealth: How to Get Rich (Brain Pickings)
  • This Pope Means Business (Fortune)
  • The Rise and Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality (The Verge)
  • America’s Coal Heartland Is in Economic Freefall -- But Only the Most Desperate Are Fleeing (Washington Post) see also David Autor’s Guide to Labor and the Machine (FT Alphaville)
  • What Happened to Motorola? (Chicago Magazine)
  • Back to Baghdad: Life in the City of Doom (Rolling Stone)
  • Did Tony Die at the End of the Sopranos? (Vox)
  • No Complaints: An Interview with Pete Best, the Original Drummer of the Beatles (Pop Matters)
  • 40 Maps that Explain the Roman Empire (Vox)

What’s up for the long holiday weekend?

Post-Crisis Rally Moved S&P 500 Well Above Its 2000 and 2007 Peaks

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