It's a spectacular day here in New York and to celebrate we're bringing you our slow-smoked reads for your pre-holiday weekend enjoyment:

  • Another V-Shaped Rally to New Highs, What's Next? (Sassy Options) see also Here's What Happens After Major Market Milestones (MoneyBeat)
  • Finance Is a Strange Industry (Motley Fool)
  • Investment Trend: Are Classic Cars Overtaking Art? (Classic Driver) see also Californian Italians (Ferrari Magazine)
  • Wall St. Prosecutors Bare Their Teeth, but Still Lack Bite (DealBook)
  • Why Have U.S. Companies Become Such Skinflints? (LA Times) see also In Corporations, It's Owner-Take-All (Washington Post)
  • The Things They Googled (Re/Code)
  • Home Prices Just Hit a 70-Month High. Now for the Bad News… (MarketWatch) see also Existing Home Sales Are Up, But New Home Sales Are Down (WonkBlog)
  • Alcohol Is Still the Deadliest Drug in the U.S., and It's Not Even Close (WonkBlog)
  • Is This Alibaba-Like New Startup the Tinder of Lyft for the Airbnb Snapchat Uber Dear God Please Click This? (Digg)
  • World's Oldest Wine Cellar Fueled Palatial Parties (CBS News)

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