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  • The Decline and Fall of Fund Managers (MoneyBeat) see also More than 10 Percent of S&P 500 Assets Now Passive (Chief Investment Officer)
  • Howard Marks’ Crystal Ball Proved Accurate (Barron’s)
  • Takeaways From Jackson Hole 2014 -- at a Glance (WSJ) see also Janet Yellen Referenced This 19-Component Labor Market Index at Jackson Hole (Business Insider)
  • CONTAGION -- How Market Selloffs Happen (Fortune)
  • The ‘Investor’s Dilemma’: Everything Is Expensive (MoneyBeat) see also The Hard Truth: Successful Investing Involves a Lot of Luck (Motley Fool)
  • Upstarts Prepare to Ambush the Lords of Finance (FT)
  • Mario Draghi Gave a Fantastic Speech on What’s Wrong With Europe, But… (Business Insider)
  • Robots Won’t Destroy Jobs, but They May Destroy the Middle Class (Vox) see also Will Artificial Intelligence Destroy Humanity? Here Are Five Reasons Not to Worry. (Vox)
  • Four Ways Tim Cook Has Changed Apple as CEO (Time)
  • Photographers We’ve Lost in Conflict Zones and Their Work (BuzzFeed)

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Stock Investors Straddle the Fed’s Line

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