Good Saturday morning. Pour yourself a tall cup of hot black coffee, settle into your favorite chair, and enjoy an especially robust set of long-form weekend reads:

  • The Making of Vladimir Putin (Politico)
  • Profits Without Prosperity: Post Great Recession, corporate profits and market have recovered booming. The rest of America has not (Harvard Business Review)
  • The Soft-Kill Solution: New Frontiers in Crowd Compliance (Harper’s)
  • Sources of Political Dysfunction: America in Decay (Foreign Affairs)
  • Saving Horatio Alger: Equality, Opportunity and the American Dream (Brookings)
  • The Hedge Fund and the Despot (Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • Evaporated in Syria, the World’s Most Dangerous Place for Journalists (Vanity Fair) see also James Foley and the Disappearance of Journalism in Syria (The Atlantic)
  • Wrecking an Economy Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry (New Republic)
  • A History of This^, #This, and This (Medium)
  • Lorne Again (Grantland) see also ‘SNL’ Political Secrets Revealed: Hillary’s 'Entitlement,' the Sketch Obama Killed and the Show’s 'Karl Rove' (Hollywood Reporter)

What's up for the second to last weekend of summer?

Interest-Rate Fears Trample Gold

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