Is this week over already? How'd that happen? Don't worry, our amuse-bouche of morning reads will ease you into the weekend:

  • Investors Pour Into Vanguard, Eschewing Stock Pickers (WSJ) see also Just 35% of funds with 10-year track records beat the S&P 500 index on a 10-year annualized basis (AAII)
  • Hedge Funds and the Problem of Structure (FT Alphaville)
  • Hawks Crying Wolf: Ignore those who have been warning about soaring inflation for the last six years (NYT) see also Interest-Rate Fears Trample Gold (WSJ)
  • The Dark Side of Technical Analysis (Adam Grimes)
  • Five Questions for Participants at Fed's Jackson Hole Conference (Real Time Economics)
  • Bank of America Papers Show Conflict and Trickery in Mortgages (DealBook) see also Bank of America Adds a Mortgage Settlement to Its Collection (Bloomberg View)
  • Ferguson and Money -- Where Did All the Banks Go? (Marketwatch)
  • Rebuilding America, One Bridge at a Time (Washington Post) see also Why the Middle Class Isn't Buying Talk About Economic Good Times (The Upshot)
  • How Apple Took Over the Only Segment of the PC Market That Still Matters (ZDNet)
  • Do Parks Make People Happier? (Psychology Today)

What are you reading?

Norway's Gargantuan Sovereign Wealth Fund, By the Numbers


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