Happy Birthday to Amy Adams, 40. I always forget that she was in a “Buffy.”

Gets us to the good stuff:

1. I agree with pretty much everything from Scott Lemieux here, except for his speculation that Obamacare may become popular. It’s never going to poll well.

2. Seth Masket gets cranky.

3. More good news on moderate growth in health-care prices. Adrianna McIntyre explains. Remember: If health-care inflation really does end (and it’s way too soon to be confident about that), then long-term federal budget trouble basically disappears; even a relatively short good run on prices is a big deal for the budget, as long as it really sticks.

4. Andrew Sprung argues that the foreign policy differences between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are a lot less than some believe.

5. Kevin Drum on the hack gap.

6. Kevin Wallston and Melinda Tarsi share some research on comments sections.

7. And David Leonhardt has a look at how searches differ in different places. I wouldn’t put too much faith in this, but it’s still fun.

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