Ritholtz's Reads: What Tax Burden?

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Here are our morning reads, exclusively sourced from a craft curator located in Brooklyn:

  • Before Jackson Hole, Roundup of Yellen's Quotes on the Labor Market (FT Alphaville) see also Part-Time Workers a Full-Time Headache on Yellen Radar (Bloomberg)
  • Morningstar: A Force to Be Reckoned With (FT)
  • All You Need to Know About Emerging Markets (Irrelevant Investor) see also The Other Great Rotation (Barron's)
  • Shoddy U.S. Roads and Bridges Take a Toll on the Economy (LA Times)
  • Solar Boom Driving First Global Panel Shortage Since 2006 (Bloomberg) see also Oil Is Plunging (Business Insider)
  • How the Largest Actively Managed Mutual Funds From 15 Years Ago Performed (Wall Street Rant)
  • Tax Burden in U.S. Not as Heavy as It Looks (DealBook) based on 'Competitiveness' Has Nothing to Do With It (SSRN)
  • Why Sprawl May Be Bad for Your Health (WonkBlog)
  • Why You Should Stop 'Believing' in Evolution (The Week)
  • Americans Are Taking Fewer Vacations Than They Used to (Vox)

What are you reading?

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