Ritholtz's Reads: The Things That Terrify Investors

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It's time to start your week off right with our hand-selected artisanal reads:

  • Federated Investors: Get Ready for S&P 2500 (Barron's) versus Spuds Powell, Master of Disaster (Barron's)
  • Secular Stagnation: Facts, Causes and Cures (Vox EU)
  • The Mystery of Lofty Stock Market Elevations (NYT) but see Under What Circumstances Should You Worry That the Stock Market Is 'Too High' (Washington Center for Equitable Growth)
  • An Honest Stock Market Update (Motley Fool)
  • Americans' Sour Outlook on the Economy Just Doesn't Square With the Facts (Slate) see also A Look At What Scares Investors Most (MoneyBeat)
  • The Price of Wall Street's Power (Harvard Business Review)
  • Goldman Sachs: The U.S. Expansion Ain't Dead. It's Not Even Old. (Businessweek) see also Better Paying Jobs Stage a Comeback (Washington Post)
  • Climate Skeptic Scientists Are Extremely Overrepresented in the Media (Vice)
  • Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet (The Atlantic) but see The Internet's Original Sin (The Atlantic)
  • These 60 Stunning Vintage Photos Show Just How Much New York City Has Changed (Distractify)

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