Happy Birthday to Malcolm-Jamal Warner, 44.

The good stuff:

1. Andrew Sabl on the Democrat who could still challenge Hillary Clinton.

2. Brian Schaffner, Wouter Van Erve and Ray LaRaja on how the Progressives are responsible for the unrepresentative Ferguson electorate.

3. I don’t know that we should need to call in the political scientists for this one, but apparently we do: “Ukraine is a sovereign state. .... Ukraine is the land of Ukrainians.” Ralph S. Clem explains.

4. Great post from Matthew Dickinson on the presidency as "the loneliest job in the world,” with details from Harry Truman.

5. While Guian McKee brings us a different president dealing with police brutality and its consequences: Lyndon Johnson.

6. And “Over the past generation or so, we’ve militarized our police to protect a public that has broadly become less and less violent.” Annie Lowrey compiles the evidence.

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