Happy weekend! Settle into your favorite easy chair, pour yourself some coffee, and enjoy our long-form reads:

  • When She Talks, Banks Shudder (NY Times)
  • Inside YouTube's Fame Factory (Fast Company) see also YouTube Stars More Popular Than Mainstream Celebs Among U.S. Teens (Variety)
  • Potato Salad: By the Numbers (Kickstarter)
  • When Data Becomes Dangerous: Why Elon Musk Is Right and Wrong About AI (GigaOm)
  • Israel, Gaza, War & Data (Medium)
  • Stop Predicting the Future. Leave That to the Robot Who's Going to Steal Your Job. (The Guardian) see also AI, Robotics and the Future of Jobs (Pew Research)
  • You're 16. You're a Pedophile. You Don't Want to Hurt Anybody. What Do You Do Now? (Medium)
  • What Happened to the Art of an Overhand Curveball? (Sports On Earth)
  • The Beatles at Candlestick in 1966: An Oral History From the Fans (SF Gate)
  • Playboy Interview: George Carlin (Longform)

What's up for the weekend?

Banks, Financial Firms Load Up On Cheap Debt


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