It's Friday! Wrap up your workweek with our expertly curated morning reads:

  • Even Wall Street's 'Worriers' Are Acting Like Bulls (Marketwatch)
  • The Leverage Clock Tolls for Thee (FT Alphaville)
  • Europe's Greater Depression Is Worse Than the 1930s (WonkBlog) see also The rest of us should learn from Europe's experience (NYT)
  • How Maine Saved the Internet (Bloomberg)
  • Libertarian, Liberal Lawmakers Share Concerns About Police Tactics in Ferguson (Washington Wire) see also The Outrageous Police Actions in Ferguson, Missouri, Last Night (Slate)
  • This Is the Equation for Happiness (Time)
  • Just Kill All of the Comments Already (Pacific Standard) see also Web Trolls Winning as Incivility Increases (NY Times)
  • The American Band Championship Belt (Grantland)
  • James Bond's Secret: He's Jamaican (The Spectator)

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Europe's Greater Depression is worse than the 1930s


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