Don't underdo it.                                                                                 
Don't underdo it.                                                                                 

Scientists have proven the link between eating too much salt and heart disease; high sodium intake boosts your blood pressure and stresses your cardiac system. This week, though, the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that people who eat the least salt have a higher chance of heart attacks and strokes.

Bloomberg's Michelle Fay Cortez cites Salim Yusuf, the senior author of the paper and a director of the Population Health Research Institute in Ontario:

There is a sweet spot for what the optimum sodium intake is. The message is very simple: Moderation in salt intake. Avoid high and low levels.

So the Trade of the Day is to add a pinch of salt to your dinner. You would feel cheated if someday a medic ends up bent over you, charging up the paddles because you cut back too much on the white stuff that makes your fries so much tastier.

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