My morning train reads:

  • Crisis Stalks Europe Again as Deflation Deepens, Germany Stalls (Telegraph) but see Time to Buy Europe (Dragonfly Capital)
  • The Power of Shareholder Yield (Yahoo Finance)
  • Finding Smart Beta in the Factor Zoo (Research Affiliates) see also Weeding Out False Factors for Smarter Beta (Chief Investment Officer)
  • A Big List of Alternative Investment Folks on Twitter (Attain Capital)
  • The Economist gets randy with a pair of stories on decreasing prices in the oldest profession: Going Down (Economist) and More Bang For Your Buck (Economist)
  • A Cure Worse Than the Disease (Epicurean Dealmaker)
  • The SEC Has Launched a Broad Examination of Alternative Mutual Funds. (WSJ) see also Financial Advisers, Firms Spar Over Alternative Funds. (WSJ)
  • Is BuzzFeed a Tech Company? (stratechery) see also The Tech Industry Wants to Delight You (NY Mag)
  • How to Turn Every Child Into a “Math Person” (Quartz)
  • To Have and Have Not (Vanity Fair)

What are you reading?

U.S. Bank Profits Near Record Levels

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