Ritholtz's Reads: The Way of the Drone

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Good Monday morning. Here are my expertly-curated reads to get your week started:

  • 10 things you should know about Ace Greenberg (Reformed Broker)
  • China H-Shares Enter Bull Market on Stimulus Wagers (Bloomberg)
  • Why buy-and-hold investing is impossible (MarketWatch) but see So You're the World's Greatest Trader? Taxes Will Fix That. (Washington Post)
  • Benchmark Blues (Streetwise Professor)
  • The Long-Term Unemployed Might Finally Be Getting Jobs (WonkBlog)
  • Corporations Used to Pay Almost One-Third of Federal Taxes. Now It's One-Tenth. (VOX) see also Corporations Are People. So What If People Were Corporations? (Washington Post)
  • How the U.S. Stumbled Into the Drone Era (WSJ)
  • The Existential Battle for the Soul of the GOP (National Journal)
  • Google Has Run Away With the Web Search Market and Almost No One Is Chasing (Quartz)
  • The Enduring Popularity of the Technology Industry (Priceonomics) but see Stop the JerkTech (TechCrunch)

What are you reading?

As S&P Gains, Strategists Trail Behind

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