Here are my Wednesday morning reads:

  • Seven Truths Investors Simply Cannot Accept (The Kindergarten)
  • 5 Reasons Why the Market Won’t Crash (The Buzz) but see Threading the Bullish Needle (Sigmund Holmes)
  • Homo narratus: Mistrust the Financial Storytellers (PsyFi)
  • Wages Rise and -- Surprise! -- Skilled Workers Are Now Easier to Find (Fiscal Times)
  • The Case For Higher Rates Looks Weak … Again (Capital Spectator)
  • Surprisingly, One Out Of Every 21 New Yorkers Is A Millionaire (Business Insider)
  • States That Raised Minimum Wage See Faster Job Growth (NPR) see also Declining Private Employment in Wisconsin, Sideways Trending in Kansas (EconBrowser)
  • Crowdfunding: An Apprenticeship in Failure (HNW)
  • It’s Time to Split Up Microsoft (stratechery)
  • Woohoo! Simpsons World Will Transform the Show Into Delicious, Delicious Data (Atlantic)

What are you reading?

The Foreclosure Fade and What It Means For the Housing Market

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