My Monday morning train reads:

  • Who Routinely Trounces the Stock Market? Try 2 Out of 2,862 Funds (NY Times) That's 0.07%
  • Quite Contrary (Barron's) see also Don't Pay Up for Selloff Protection (Barron's)
  • Three Reasons This Is a Good Time to Be an Investor (WSJ)
  • GMO's Jeremy Grantham Doesn't See a Bubble Just Yet (Barron's) see also Free Lunches and the Food Truck Revolution and Summer Essays, Volume 2 (GMO)
  • High Yield Still the Sharpest Place to Be -- But For How Long? (Chief Investment Officer)
  • In All Probability, Economic Forecasts Are Probably Wrong (The Conversation)
  • 10 Things Everyone Spends Their Money On…Except Millennials (Time)
  • 'Blown Out Of The Sky:' World Newspapers React to Downed Jet (Talking Points Memo) see also Putin Is Having Trouble Backing Out of the Corner in Which He's Trapped Himself (Quartz)
  • With Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Makes Bid for Amazon Prime Customers (Slate)
  • Why The Last Five Years of Your Life Have Disappeared (Fast Company)

What are you reading?

Investing in China? It can be complicated.


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