Drink deeply.                                                                                         
Drink deeply.                                                                                         

Back in May, the U.S. government predicted a 2.5 percent drop in almond production as drought gripped California, which grows 80 percent of the world's supply.

Farmers, though, are a resourceful bunch; after diverting water from less-valuable vegetable crops and drilling more wells, the forecast now is for a 4.5 percent rise in this year's crop, which will start being harvested at the end of this month.

With almonds fetching more than $3 a pound, the nuts are poised to beat 2006's record average annual value of $2.81, Bloomberg's Megan Durisin reports. So the Trade of the Day is to pray for rain in California; those thirsty almond trees are doing OK now, but they will do better when the drought breaks and so will the vegetables.

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