Here are my reads for your morning train ride :

  • For Proof Wall Street Is Changing, Look at Citigroup’s Numbers (The Upshot)
  • When Bubbles Become Manias: The Psychology of Runaway Markets (TraderFeed)
  • Charlie Munger on Investment Concentration Versus Diversification (25iq)
  • Since 2010, full-time jobs are up 7.6 million while part-time jobs have declined by more than 900,000. (Atlantic)
  • How Much Do U.S. Brokers Make? Their Business Cards Provide Clues (MSN Money)
  • David Wessel on the 'what if' exercises in the CBO’s long-term debt projections (Washington Wire)
  • Microsoft Challenges Google’s Artificial Brain With ‘Project Adam’ (Wired)
  • GOP Self-Destruction Is Nearly Complete: Millennials Officially Hate Conservatives (The Guardian) see also Republican’s Young-People Problem (Washington Post)
  • A Terraformed Moon Would Be an Awful Lot Like Florida (Slate)
  • Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless (Vox)

What are you reading?

Wave of Cash Returns to Australia

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