Happy Birthday to Forest Whitaker, 53. I always forget that he was in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." So now I want to watch that again.

And then I’ll want to watch "Clueless again." Oh well. At least there’s the good stuff:

1. James Pethokoukis takes on some golden oldies: flat tax, gold standard and balanced budget amendment.

2. While Julian Sanchez attempts the libertarian case against “taxation is theft.”

3. Greg Sargent looks at the economy, and the chances that a Highway Trust Fund stalemate could undermine (again) the recovery.

4. Emily Swanson goes beyond the surface of impeachment survey questions. Nice.

5. Brendan Nyhan watches Democratic Senate candidates run from President Barack Obama (but remember: we’re talking about states ranging from Obama’s weakest to ones where he’s been marginally strong. This isn’t New York or California).

6. And Seth Masket on turnout for midterms.

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