Ritholtz's Reads: Are You as Financially Literate as a Teenager?

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Welcome back to the Monkey House! -- with all due respect to Kurt Vonnegut. This morning, we have a selection of expertly curated reads to start off your week:

  • A Long-Term Investor's Guide to Beating the Odds (City Wire Global)
  • Where Did Money Go in Q2? (Irrelevant Investor)
  • Are You More Financially Literate Than a 15-Year-Old? (Real Time Economics)
  • Pension Funds Seek 'Sweet Spot' in Alternatives (FT)
  • Inflation Is Always and Everywhere a Political Phenomenon (Pieria)
  • Quantum Math Makes Human Irrationality More Sensible (Science News)
  • CYNK Makes the Case for Buying Friends, Naked Short Selling (Bloomberg View)
  • How Tea Party Tax Cuts Are Turning Kansas Into a Smoking Ruin (LA Times) see also What's the American Political Landscape Looking Like? (Washington Post)
  • Eagle Shot Wins Drone Photo Award (BBC)
  • Here's What Germany's World Cup Win Looked Like On Twitter (Re/Code)

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