My morning reads; perfect for hump day:

  • Why Trading Volume Is Tumbling, Explained in Five Charts (MarketWatch)
  • Are You the Best Trader Ever? (Irrelevant Investor) see also Seven Market Myths That Make Investors Poorer (MarketWatch)
  • A Fourth of July Inflation Bugaboo (Columbia Journalism Review)
  • Born in 1988. Sorry. (Bloomberg View) but see A sign of economic health: 2.5 million people quit their jobs in May, the most since 2008 (Real Time Economics)
  • Tech Bubble? Not Likely, Say Some Market Watchers (
  • Gold Shines Again as Hedge Fund Boost Wagers on Advance (Bloomberg)
  • The Next Phase of Smartphones (Benedict Evans) see also Smartphone Truths and Samsung's Inevitable Decline (stratechery)
  • With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility (Om)
  • The Potato Salad Kickstarter Is the Science Fiction Villain We Deserve (The Awl) see also Potato Salad (Kickstarter)
  • Net Neutrality: What It Is, and Why You Should Care (boingboing)

What are you reading?

The Four Phases of the Bull Market


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