Happy Birthday to K. Todd Freeman, 49. As I may have mentioned, I’m watching "Buffy," season 3, and although I understand that plot demands guaranteed he wouldn’t last long, Trick is a terrific and sadly underused character. By the way, I’m up for a season 2 versus season 3 argument, if anyone is interested.

There’s always the good stuff:

1. The Fed and House Republicans, from Sarah Binder.

2. Stu Rothenberg on Barack Obama, the midterms and the economy.

3. Brian Beutler on the unhappy place Sarah Palin and the radicals are creating for House Speaker John Boehner.

4. No, putting the Republican convention in Cleveland won’t help them win Ohio. Harry Enten has the numbers.

5. See also a helpful post from Matthew Dickinson, who discusses evidence from the political science literature that the location of conventions doesn’t matter. I agree with his conclusion, however: The convention has to go somewhere, might as well put it in a swing state.

6. And Margaret Carlson on the love letters of Warren G. Harding.

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