Welcome back to the workweek. Here is my morning train reading:

  • Why Interest Rates May Stay Very Low for a Lot Longer (LA Times) but see Investors are seriously underestimating where interest rates should be in two years (MoneyBeat)
  • Gold Might Be Up This Year, But It's Worth Only $800 (MarketWatch)
  • What Investors Are Worried About Today (Morningstar) see also It's time for U.S. firms to earn stock investors' faith (WSJ)
  • What Rock and Roll Taught the World About Money (MarketWatch)
  • Seventy Bitcoin Risks (FT Alphaville)
  • The Future of the Workforce May Be Part-Time, Says Google CEO Larry Page (Re/Code)
  • Razr Burn: My Month With 2004′s Most Exciting Phone (Gizmodo)
  • A Dozen Things I've Learned from Reid Hoffman (25iq)
  • The A's Are Playing a New Brand of Moneyball (NY Mag)
  • How 'Seinfeld' Paved the Way for Tony Soprano (Vulture)

What are you reading?

Stock, Bond, Commodity Indexes Rise in Unison for First Time Since 1993


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