Happy Birthday to Bruce Babbitt, 76.

Plenty of good stuff:

1. At the invaluable SCOTUSblog, Lyle Denniston explains what the Supreme Court was doing in Canning, the recess appointment case it decided yeterday.

2. Scott Lemieux argues that Justice Antonin Scalia is once again pretending that an unusually controversial view of the historical record is the consensus view.

3. “That's four votes for an entirely invented bit of nonsense, and that's not a good sign.” I think Mother Jones's Kevin Drum is a little strong here on the minority in the Canning case. The problem isn’t so much that it’s invented nonsense, but that it demonstrates a willingness to overturn everything based on one reading of an ambiguous clause. Still, fair point.

4. In other Supreme Court analysis, Dahlia Lithwick thinks about buffer zones.

5. Political scientist Jason Brownlee on occupying Iraq.

6. Andrew Sullivan on the same topic.

7. Norm Ornstein on the late Howard Baker.

8. And Baker’s oral history of his time in the Ronald Reagan White House.

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