By Mark Gilbert

June 26 (Bloomberg View) -- Mercedes-Benz is introducing a Pullman variant of
its S-Class sedan, armor-plated and 16 inches longer than a Rolls-Royce
Phantom at 21 feet and double the price at a cool $1 million. Its four rear
seats will face each other, with a partition so your chauffeur can't
eavesdrop. As Tim Urquhart, an analyst at London-based research firm IHS, told
Bloomberg's Dorothee Tschampa:

  They are trying to evoke the very famous old 600 Pullman that was used by
  people from dictators to John Lennon.

So the Trade of the Day is to buy a Mercedes Pullman, get some gold braid
stitched onto your favorite jacket, climb into the back cabin and ride like a
dictator -- or just someone very rich.

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