Ritholtz's 10 Thursday Reads: Google Is Coming for Your TV, Again

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My morning reads:

  • Why Government Pension Funds Became Addicted to Risk (The Upshot)
  • When Commodity Collateral Shenanigans Go Wrong (FT Alphaville)
  • Is the Market Efficient? Cliff Asness Says Yes, and No (Think Advisor)
  • Millennials Shunning Malls Speeds Web Shopping Revolution (Bloomberg)
  • Bill Gates: Have You Hugged a Concrete Pillar Today? (Gates Notes)
  • How Barclays Got Caught Red-Handed With 'Pernicious HFT Fraud' (Zero Hedge) see also New York Sues Barclays Over "Dark Pool" Trading Practices (Buzzfeed)
  • Your Taxes Are Going Up. You Just Don't Know It Yet. (WonkBlog)
  • Android TV: Google Aims for the Living Room ... Again (Personal Tech News)
  • 11 Funniest Papers in the History of Economics (250 Words)
  • 984 Ways the United States Can Advance to the Next Round of the World Cup (Upshot)

What are you reading?

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