Happy Birthday to Todd Pletcher, 47.

The good stuff:

1. Good point from Seth Masket: For all his skills, Bill Clinton was hardly a gaffe-free politician.

2. Vox's Andrew Prokop interviews political scientist Robert Boatright, the expert on congressional primaries.

3. Today's #Nerdfight entrant (on partisan polarization in the electorate) is Hans Noel, who knows a thing or two about ideology.

4. Jared Bernstein looks at the big downward revision in first quarter GDP.

5. The bad GDP news is also very good news on health-care spending, as Adrianna McIntyre explains. Regardless of what the Affordable Care Act has to do with that (at the very least it seems unlikely that reform has made health-care inflation significantly worse), the important thing to remember is that long-term federal budget issues are almost entirely a function of expected inflation in health care. No inflation, no long-term federal budget problems.

6. Speaking of health care: Andrew Sprung goes deep into the possibility of state-based "repeal and replace" of Obamacare.

7. And Ross Douthat on the Mississippi primary election.

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