Happy Birthday to Chris Barnes, 48. He’s Tanner from "The Bad News Bears." It must be among of the top 10 best baseball movies ever, no?

Meanwhile, the good stuff:

1. More good news for those who follow politics and policy: the debut of Jonathan Cohen’s new Q.E.D. section at The New Republic.

2. Here’s Q.E.D.’s Rebecca Leber on exactly what those new Obama administration carbon rules would really do.

3. Seth Masket on “What Matters in Midterm Elections.”

4. What does “Islamist” mean? What people or groups does it include? Elizabeth Nugent at the Monkey Cage explains.

5. Matt Yglesias is correct; there’s no reason at all to believe that Hillary Clinton’s wealth will hurt her in November 2016, and no significant evidence that it will hurt her in nomination politics.

6. Greg Sargent makes a good point about comprehensive immigration reform and the status quo alternative.

7. And Keith Humphreys on the logic and the evidence of challenging Clinton from the left. I think he’s generally correct that a hopeless symbolic challenge would have little effect; it would take a more serious nomination battle to force Clinton to make promises. I don’t think it matters much where the challenge comes from; Clinton is in the middle of the party and pushing her away from that is highly unlikely, but a more serious challenge could push her to make more specific, constraining promises instead of remaining as untethered as possible.

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