Summer is finally here! Start it off right with our daily reading list:

  • Lessons for Climate Change in the 2008 Recession (NY Times) see also Who's Afraid of 1929? (Philosophical Economics)
  • How to Lose $1 Billion: Yeshiva University Blows Its Future on Loser Hedge Funds (Take Part)
  • The stock-market herd: How to think about investing when prices are this high. (WSJ)
  • What Janet Yellen Is Trying to Tell Us (NY Times) see also Can Yellen Float Above Politics? (Bloomberg View)
  • Can We Declare the Global Financial Crisis Ended? (Retail Banking Academy Blog)
  • Robot Doctors, Online Lawyers and Automated Architects: the Future of the Professions? (The Guardian)
  • Meet the Native American Grandmother Who Just Beat the Washington Redskins (Business Insider)
  • Google: The New Bank (Armstrong Economics)
  • A Brief History of Apple's iWatch (Dashes)
  • Late 90′s Rock Revival! (Reformed Broker)

What are you reading?

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