Happy Birthday to Joss Whedon, 50. I overlapped with him at Wesleyan, but I’m pretty sure we never met. I’m watching the third season of "Buffy" with the youngest daughter … probably going to jump to "Firefly" with her after this season, so I’m in excellent spirits, TV-wise.

Back to regular blogging this week, and back to the good stuff:

Matthew Dickinson argues against strong ideological and partisan polarization in the electorate -- a good reminder that political scientists are still split on that question.

Corey Hutchins on the ouster of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and what reporters need to do to see these things coming.

Rachel Maddow is basically correct that Congress can direct Iraq policy if it wants to.

From the Monkey Cage: Ann Wainstcott explains a Dannon boycott in Morocco.

And from the Boston Globe, perhaps the greatest infographic ever – note the Dunkin/Starbucks ratio, in particular.

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