It's Monday already -- where did the weekend go? The best way to start your workweek is with these expertly curated reads:

  • Blast From the Past: Could Stocks Melt Up? (MoneyBeat)
  • Why Stock Buybacks Are Losing Their Fizz (MarketWatch) see also Can You Handle the Market's Stress Test? (MoneyBeat)
  • Shiller CAPE Peaches Smell Like BS (Investing Caffeine)
  • Michael Lewis: A Bazillionaire's Guide to Stress Relief (Bloomberg View)
  • 9 Financial Risks Everyone Should Understand (MarketWatch)
  • Risk Rising: Inside the Struggle Over CPP's Big, Bold Investment Bets (Globe and Mail) see also The Biggest Housing Bubble in the World Is in … Canada? (WonkBlog)
  • This Map Shows How Violence in Iraq Could Threaten the Oil Supply (Vox) see also Alarmed by Iraq, Iran Open to Shared Role With U.S. (Reuters)
  • The Tech Industry's God Complex Is Getting Out of Control (Salon) see also Why Tesla Gave Up on Patents (The Atlantic)
  • Proposal: Pay college players with TV money (ESPN)
  • A Field Guide to Streaming Music Services (Personal Tech News)

Time to make the donuts.

Ancient hatreds tearing apart the Middle East


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