Happy Friday the 13th -- with a full moon, too! The next time those two things happen at the same time will be 2049.

  • Stocks, Bonds Not Cheap but Not Rich (Barron’s) see also S&P 500 has gone 37 trading days without a 1 percent daily change, the second-longest streak in 15 years (MoneyBeat)
  • Guide to the Growing Interest in MLPs (Fidelity)
  • Do We Need a Recession for a Meaningful Correction in Stocks? (A Wealth of Common Sense) but see also The Problem With Market Timing (Rick Ferri)
  • The Investor Class Gets Another Raise This Year (Reformed Broker)
  • 5 Things Investors Think About Private Equity (Briefly) but see Goldman and Bain Quit the Private-Equity Conspiracy (Bloomberg View)
  • How Do We Die? What Killed Americans in 1900 vs. 2010 (LA Times)
  • Record-Setting Growth in Oil and Gas Industry Fuels M&A Activity (Virtual-Strategy) see also Expect Tech M&A Activity to Explode (Channel Partners Online)
  • This Is the Amazing Design for NASA’s Star Trek-Style Spaceship (Washington Post)
  • The Inflation 'Dragon' Shows Signs of Stirring (WSJ)
  • 2014 Winners of the 8th Annual iPhone Photography Awards (IPPA)

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