May is almost over. Wherever does the time go?

  • The U.S. Economy Had a Hiccup, Not a Heart Attack, This Year (Daily Beast) see also American Shoppers Find Their Lost Wallets (WSJ)
  • Have No Fear: Why Stocks Should Head Higher (Yahoo Finance)
  • Ah, I See We Are Firmly in the “What If QE Fails” Stage of the Debate… (FT Alphaville) see also Europe’s Bond Traders Confront Overhaul Seen Stricter Than U.S. (Bloomberg)
  • How Justin Wolfers Became a Bright Aussie Export (AFR)
  • Are We Underestimating America’s Fracking Boom? Check out the Sasol project (WSJ) but see Dryden: The Small Town That Changed The Fracking Game (Earthjustice)
  • The Case for Eating Steak and Cream (Economist)
  • More Home Buyers Are Bringing All-Cash Offers to the Table (Washington Post) see also Manhattan’s Billionaire Row of Condo Towers Spreads South (Bloomberg)
  • In case you missed it: What came before the big bang? (BoingBoing)
  • Why Apple Wants to Make a Remote Control for Your Home (Wired) see also Apple Sees the Light in Push for Jetsons-Style Home Automation (FT)
  • Robert Plant’s echo in Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ was an accident. Who knew? (WSJ)

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The Richer You Are the Older You’ll Get

Source: Real Time Economics
Source: Real Time Economics

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