Hey now, it's Thursday morning!

  • Emerging markets, that sold off as recently as this winter, are coming back (WSJ)
  • A rally in U.S. and European government bonds sent yields to fresh 2014 lows (WSJ) see also Bond Yields Plunge to 2014 Lows (USA Today)
  • It’s Quiet Out There: “600 Days Without a 3 Percent Daily Change” (Climateer Investing)
  • Brokers, Liquid Alts and the Fund That Never Goes Up (Reformed Broker)
  • Niall Ferguson’s (Mostly) Comforting History of Central Bank Balance Sheet Expansions (Real Time Economics)
  • The Buck Stops With Obama on Tepid Financial Reform (ProPublica)
  • Why Have Americans Stopped Moving? (Bloomberg View)
  • To Make a Killing on Wall Street, Start Meditating (Bloomberg)
  • Steve Jobs Never Would Have Bought Beats. Here’s Why Tim Cook Did It. (Vox) see also Cook to Employees on Beats Buy: ‘I Hope You Are as Excited as I am About This New Chapter in Our History’ (9 to 5 Mac)
  • The Marx Brothers: The “Comic Combustion” Celebrates 100 Years (National Museum of American History)

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