Happy Birthday to Melanie B, 39.

What you really, really want is the good stuff:

1. The effects of religion on partisan polarization ... and the effects of partisan polarization on religion, from Richard Skinner.

2. Andrew Prokop looks at the Senate forecast models. Good item, but it’s not true the only choices are “if the election was now” versus “what will happen in November”; there’s also what will happen in November if current conditions hold until then.

3. Emily Badger looks at polling about the fears women endure.

4. While Amanda Hess explains why men don’t notice.

5. Matt Yglesias looks at the economics and the politics of the euro area, post-crisis.

6. While Lee Savage looks at European Parliament elections in the rest of the Europe.

7. Fred Kaplan assesses President Barack Obama’s foreign policy speech.

8. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities notes that SNAP (food stamps) spending and enrollment are starting to fall.

9. And Noah Smith on conservatives and “new ideas.”

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