Ritholtz's 10 Wednesday Reads: The Growing Wealth of CEOs and Uber Drivers

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Some midweek morning reads:

  • Small-Cap Rally Is Bullish For the Stock Market (Barron’s) but see Bad Credit No Problem as Balance-Sheet Bombs Rally 94 Percent (Bloomberg)
  • Investing Using the Price-to-Earnings Ratio and Earnings Yield (Backtests 1951 to 2013) (Greenbackd)
  • Bond Market to Fed: Your 4 Percent Rate Forecast Is Way Too High (Bloomberg)
  • Warren Buffett: These Were My Biggest Early Mistakes (Reformed Broker) see also Listen to Buffett and Schwab: Be an Indexer (MarketWatch)
  • The Advice Business Needs a Serious Fix (ThinkAdvisor)
  • Median CEO Pay Crosses $10 million in 2013 (AP)
  • Where Money Is Going (Fidelity) See also Companies were the biggest buyer of stocks in the first quarter (Zero Hedge)
  • Uber’s Remarkable Growth Could End the Era of Poorly Paid Cab Drivers (Innovations) see also Is starting a technology company a terrible mistake? (Slate)
  • Behind gay-marriage rulings, a diverse group of judges (Washington Post)
  • My new favorite blog: Logical Fallacies That Should Exist (Tumblr)

What are you reading?

The Changing Landscape of Same-Sex Marriage

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