Happy Birthday to Hal Landon, Jr., 73. I never saw "The Artist," so I suppose I can’t say anything about it … but I’m willing to bet it’s not even close to as good as "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure." He also was in "Eraserhead," which could make for a great trivia question.

Anyway, on to the good stuff:

1. If you are interested in understanding U.S. politics, you absolutely must be reading Mischiefs of Faction, which just gets better and better. For example, Jonathan Ladd suggests we should just jettison “gerrymander,” while explaining the trade-offs inherent in districting.

2. Also at Mischiefs of Faction: Seth Masket asks, “What’s a Moderate?

3. Colin Moore looks at previous scandals at the VA and their effects.

4. Alan Abramowitz on nationalization of elections and what it means for Democratic hopes in Kentucky and Georgia.

5. Brendan Nyhan on LBJ/BHO.

6. Kate Cronin-Furman asks whether involving the International Criminal Court would make any difference in Syria.

7. And Jacob Harris has excellent ideas for “data journalists” who want to avoid easy-to-make mistakes.

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