Good Tuesday morning:

  • Globalize your portfolio: Avoiding non-U.S. stocks will cost you in the long run. (WSJ)
  • Why Some Investors Are Happy With Lousy Returns (Teten) but see The Science of Improving Your Performance at Almost Anything (Farnam Street)
  • America Dumbs Down: A rising tide of anti-intellectual thinking (Maclean's)
  • Eliminate All Financial Hero Worship (Kirk Report) see also Financial Advice and Innovation (Rick Ferri)
  • Thomas Piketty and the End of Our Peaceful Coexistence With Inequality (The Atlantic)
  • Tim Geithner, Unreliable Narrator (Medium)
  • How Much Does It Cost to Book Your Favorite Band? (Priceonomics)
  • Chinese Hackers Show Humans Are Weakest Security Link (Bloomberg)
  • Slang Shows Us How Language Is Always Changing (FT)
  • These 'Signs from the Near Future' May Be Closer Than They Appear (The Verge)

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