Good morning. Some reads to start your workweek:

  • Learning to live with stocks at record highs (WSJ) see also Why a 66 Percent Crash Would Be Better Than a 200 Percent Melt-Up (Philosophical Economics)
  • Does your portfolio manager have "skin in the game?" (Meb Faber)
  • Whack-a-Mole Fund Managers Can’t Beat Index Funds (MarketWatch) see also Active Managers Must Work to Justify Fees (FT)
  • For Richer or Poorer? Rich Families Face a Marriage Problem (WSJ)
  • Fears Over ‘Lowflation’ Serve Up Bond Market Surprise (FT) see also Fed’s Rate-Change System Up For Revamp. (WSJ)
  • How Sleep Became the Enemy of Productivity (Harvard Business Review)
  • Vancouver’s international housing market (New Yorker) see also Developers See a Future With Fewer Picket Fences and More Leases (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Congress Turning a D+ on Infrastructure Into an F (MarketWatch)
  • Canines’ Cancer-Sniffing Snouts Showing 90 Percent-Plus Accuracy (Bloomberg)
  • Photos by Stanley Kubrick (Everyday I Show)

What are you reading?

S&P 500 Rolling 10 Year Returns


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