My morning reading:

  • Why the Housing Bubble Tanked the Economy and the Tech Bubble Didn’t (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Survey Explains Why Investors Remain ‘Side Lined’ (STA Wealth Management) see also Traders Gonna Trade (Reformed Broker)
  • Lehman a Gift That Keeps Giving for Paulson to King Street (Bloomberg)
  • How Britain’s Economy Got Dumber: Pfizer’s Bid For AstraZeneca (The Guardian)
  • The 25 Most Socially Influential Advisors (Reformed Broker)
  • Economists Used to Be the Priests of Free Markets -- Now They’re Just a Bunch of Engineers (Quartz)
  • Are You Too Busy? Learn to spot the early warning signs of overload (WSJ)
  • Twitter Rolls Out a Way to Mute Chatty Friends (Re/Code) see also Why We Favorite Tweets, According to Science (BuzzFeed)
  • Sarah Baker Speaks for the Overweight on ‘Louie’ (NY Times)
  • 100 Most Creative People 2014 (Fast Company)

What are you reading?

Found After 500 Years, the Wreck of Christopher Columbus’s Flagship the Santa Maria

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