My morning train reading:

  • Look Past Dow Highs to Small Stock Warning Sign (Barron's) see also Biotech: Dip or Bubble? (Fidelity)
  • Why Millennials Are Hurting the Real Estate Recovery (MarketWatch)
  • Proof Most Investors Are Clueless (MarketWatch) see also Worried the Fed will sink your bond portfolio? Worry about your own behavior, too. (WSJ)
  • Hedgeye: One of the Most Polarizing Companies in Finance is Suing a Stay-at-Home Dad For Defamation (Business Insider)
  • How Teens Are Making Money Off Twitter Novelty Accounts (Motherboard) see also A love letter to Twitter from its design chief (Stop Design)
  • U.S. Is No.1, China Is So Yesterday (Bloomberg View)
  • Found after 500 Years, the Wreck of Christopher Columbus's Flagship the Santa Maria (The Independent)
  • Our Ruling Ideology Is Denial (Daily Beast) see also Unstoppable Melting of Antarctic Ice Sheet Found Underway (Washington Post)
  • The Hidden Psychology of Ordering Food Online (FastCo Labs)
  • The Golden Years (Auto Universum) see also Solar Roadways (Indie GoGo)

What are you reading?

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