Good Monday morning. Start your week with these reads:

  • Just How Dumb Are Investors (MoneyBeat)
  • The Small-Cap Divergence (The Irrelevant Investor) but see No Reason For These Stock Market Jitters (Reuters)
  • Embarrassment of riches for pension funds. (WSJ)
  • ‘It was the point where the euro zone could have exploded’ (FT)
  • What Are Some of the Most Mind-Blowing Facts About China? (Quora) see also High Frequency Economics: Forget About Collapse of China (Barron’s)
  • Martin Zweig’s Stock Forecast Is Stuff of Legend (NY Post)
  • U.S. Taxes and Inequality (FT Alphaville)
  • Gifts surge from the wealthiest U.S. donors (Philanthropy) see also Billionaire’s Wealth Is Skyrocketing. Their Philanthropy Is Not. (Businessweek)
  • Koch Brothers Face an Unexpected New Foe: Tea Party Conservatives (LA Times)
  • Spurious Correlations (Tyler Vigen)

What are you reading?

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