Today’s chart comes from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. It shows how much debt projections have changed during the past four years:

Source: CBPP
Source: CBPP

Right after the credit crisis, projections showed the ratio of debt to gross domestic product in the U.S. reaching 225 percent by 2040. Improvements to the economy since then have increased tax receipts and lowered demand for safety net programs. According to the latest forecast, the debt-to-GDP ratio will be a bit more than 100 percent by 2040. That isn't ideal, but it's far below crisis levels.

Here is CPBB:

Under current budget policies, the nation’s fiscal outlook is stable for the rest of this decade and then worsens gradually, according to CBPP’s new long-term budget projections. No deficit or debt crisis looms, and the weak labor market remains the nation’s most immediate economic concern.

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