Good Saturday morning. All week long, I collect my favorite long-form pieces. Pull up a chair and settle in for the weekend reads:

  • The $13 Billion Mystery Angels: How to secretly give away billions anonymously (Businessweek)
  • Sonic Boom: How Digital Technology Is Transforming Our Relationship With Sound (The Atlantic)
  • Neuroaesthetics: Researchers Unravel the Biology of Beauty and Art. (The Scientist)
  • Is This How We'll Cure Cancer? (Forbes) see also Cancer 'Miracle' Patients Studied Anew for Disease Clues (Bloomberg)
  • The Wizard of Minecraft: Meet Gaming's Biggest Rockstar, Notch (Rolling Stone)
  • Steven Pinker's history of thought: What could be more interesting than how the mind works? (Harvard Gazette)
  • Alan Guth: Nearly 35 Years Ago, the MIT Physicist Figured Out What Made the Big Bang Bang. Finally, There's Evidence. (Boston Globe)
  • The NBA's Improbable Pipeline: How alumni from tiny Emerson college infiltrated pro basketball's front offices (SB Nation)
  • Are butter, cheese and steak really bad for you? The history of the anti-fat crusade (WSJ) see also Who Owns Chicken Tikka Masala? (Roads and Kingdoms)
  • The Obsessive Curator of the Internet: Jason Hirschhorn (Priceonomics)

What's for brunch?

America's Mobility Problem Is Real


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