Ritholtz's 10 Thursday Reads: The Computers Are Winning

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Good Thursday morning:

• What Kills Bull Markets? (Yahoo Finance)
• The 52-Week High List Continues to Diverge (All Star Charts) see also Russell Breaks Down, Negative Divergence in NYSE New Highs (Reformed Broker)
• Should We Forget Shiller CAPE Ratios and Focus on E/P Instead? (Kitces)
• Why Are Americans So Bad With Money? (The Atlantic)
• Robert Shiller's Data Say the Last Two Times Have Been Different (Beat the Press)
• Algorithms Beat Intuition -- the Evidence Is Everywhere (TurnKey Analyst)
• Surprise! 'Pro-business' Policies Hurt State Economic Growth (LA Times) but see State Taxes Have a Negligible Impact on Americans' Interstate Moves (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)
• Eat More Nuts (and Vegetables, and Don't Forget to Exercise and Quit Smoking) (FiveThirtyEight)
• The Top Ten Global Warming 'Skeptic' Arguments Answered (The Guardian) see also Will We Now Finally Care About Climate Change? (WonkBook)
• The Man Who Literally Built 'Star Wars' (Esquire)

What are you reading?

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