Happy Birthday to Adam Bernstein, 54. No relation, but I’ve seen a ton of episodes he’s directed, so why not?

The good stuff:

1. How the Senate forecast models differ, from John Sides.

2. The U.S. isn’t suffering a long-term aging problem. Kevin Drum looks at the evidence.

3. Robert Costa reports on the state of the speaker after John Boehner secured his seat in the House next year. Assuming he wants it.

4. The government will be spending less than expected on health care over the next decade, thanks to the recent slowdown in health-care inflation. Sarah Kliff has the details. Of course, long-term or even medium-term estimates of future health-care cost changes aren’t much better than wild guesses, but the moderation that already happened will pay dividends down the road.

5. Megan McArdle looks at the Massachusetts study that found health insurance does improve health-care outcomes. She also looks back to the Oregon study that didn’t find that effect.

6. And Bill Gardner on the implications of the finding that health insurance improves health-care outcomes.
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