Happy Birthday to Michael Palin, 71.

Time for the good stuff:

1. Sarah Kliff with the basics of what we know about Affordable Care Act exchange signups. Dig into the Q&A comments, where she goes beyond the basics.

2. Good reporting from Josh Kraushaar and James Oliphant about how “establishment” Republicans are fighting back against the more suicidal tendencies of some in the Tea Party. I hate the labels (I’m not sure what “establishment” means), but what they’re talking about is very real and important.

3. Richard Skinner looks at presidential candidates who have no chance of winning. I’d be careful about one thing: It’s hard to tell from the outside which candidates think they have a chance, even if they don’t.

4. Craig Gilbert on partisan polarization among Wisconsin voters.

5. And Ed Kilgore is very sensible about phony choices that pundits suppose political parties are making in campaigns.
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